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Ameer Rosic

Owner of

Client Profile

Ameer Rosic is a trained holistic nutritionist, but that’s just the beginning. A podcaster, a blogger, an Amazon bestselling author, and a health entrepreneur, Ameer might just be one of the working guys in the alternative health world.

Business Situation

When we first met Ameer, he had a cheap website, built on a cheap template, and it showed. He had a dream of building himself up to be an online health expert, but if he needed a Ferrari to get there, he was driving a jalopy.

Brand Identity

Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

Custom Development

Professional Image

Ameer now has an image which reflects his position as a successful high level entrepreneur.

Custom Design

Ameer’s ever-changing and growing business demanded frequent updates and changes to his online presence. We were there every step of the way to make sure his website continued to serve his needs.

More Traffic

Ameer’s SEO plan helped his message reach tens of thousands more people each month through his website.


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