I’ve been working with Cloud Surfing Media for over a year now and continue to be impressed with their expertise in a variety of areas, from SEO, to content marketing, email marketing, and more. In particular, they have been responsive to my requests and have worked with me to set up communication systems that save me and my team massive amounts of time and energy.

In fact, they transformed some parts of my business from a stressful, fire prone pigpen, to a sleek, optimized, and automated funnel. If you need help managing nearly any aspect of your online business, I recommend reaching out to Cloud Surfing Media.

Isaiah Hankel

Founder of CheekyScientist.com

Client Profile

Cheeky Scientist is a business dedicated to helping PhDs transition out of the academic world and into more fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Business Situation

When Cheeky Scientist founder Isaiah Hankel first came to us, he brought three different businesses with him: Expert Cytometry, his own personal website, and of course, Cheeky Scientist. Cheeky was already enjoying several thousand unique visitors per month, but they wanted more.
After all, with an estimated 15 million+ PhDs in the world, there must be more who are dissatisfied with their careers and needed help. Isaiah reasonably decided on a goal of a 150% increase in traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

Graphic Design

Marketing Automation

Professional Image

Cheeky’s visitors are greeted by a much more polished, consistent, and professional blog as a result of some creative graphic design and layout optimization.

Business Growth

Since working with us, Cheeky’s brand has grown from a moderate success to one of the dominant players in their niche.

Explosive Results

Cheeky Scientist has seen a 600% increase in organic traffic since working for us.


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