Cloud Surfing Media fully achieved and exceeded all my expectations! They clearly laid out my vision in a beautifully designed website that has been getting fantastic feedback ever since. The branding was equally as brilliant and they have helped me massively in building a professional online business.

I did a lot of research beforehand and was fortunate to work with them. I can unequivocally say they are the best in the business and affordable too. Ever since my website went online, I get numerous emails every week inquiring about who built the site. I always reply without any hesitation, Cloud Surfing Media.

Colin Ayliffe

Owner of

Client Profile

Coconut Fitness is an online health and fitness company run by Colin Ayliffe, a personal trainer and health coach.

Business Situation

When Colin approached us, he had a dream. He wanted to build an online platform where he could be a fitness coach and personal trainer, helping people from all over the world.

The challenge was, he had nothing but his skill, and needed to build a platform from the ground up. So we went to work.

Website Design

Graphic Design

Search Engine Optimization


Brand Identity

Coconut Fitness has gone from an idea in Colin’s head to a professional online brand. You can’t visit Coconut Fitness without knowing exactly what to expect.


The copy on Colin’s service pages are designed to speak directly to his target market. As Colin himself put it, “Cloud Surfing Media turned my boring sales page into words that sell”.

Website Design

Coconut Fitness now has a website designed to do exactly what Colin needs it to do: convert visitors to clients and help him grow his business.


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