Other web marketers in the past sold me only illusions, but the Cloud Surfing Media team has been by my side every step of the way with dedication, professionalism, and sound coaching and advice. They patiently built me an ever-evolving marketing strategy to help grow my business and I’m glad to have met them.

I’m very happy with their work and my results so far.

Fabrizio Fusco

Owner of FabrizioFusco.com


Client Profile

Fabrizio Fusco is a health and life coach. He provides solutions to help people improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Business Situation

Originally a computer programmer, Fabrizio left his job to focus on a more fulfilling path. But an old, dated website, combined with a haphazard marketing approach left Fabrizio disillusioned.

After spending a great deal of money on a Facebook marketing campaign that gained him nothing, Fabrizio realized something needed to be done. That’s when he came to us.

Website Design

Branding Identity

Search Engine Optimization


A Stronger Message

Fabrizio has a great deal to say on a wide range of topics. By helping him focus his message on a few key topics, you know exactly what to expect from Fabrizio when you land on his page.

A Better Website

Fabrizio’s old webisite looked like it had been designed in 1997 using Microsoft Paint. His new site was put together using the latest in modern design sciences to give him a much more professional image.

A Modern Brand

Combined with today’s best SEO practices, Fabrizio is now positioned to succeed online.


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