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Isaiah Hankel
Owner of IsaiahHankel.com

Client Profile

Dr. Isaiah Hankel is an internationally recognized speaker, author, performance specialist, entrepreneur, and scientist. His personal brand focuses on helping people get more out of life through improving their focus and life planning.

Business Situation

Isaiah Hankel was already immensely successful when we first met him. His personal brand was already seeing a large number of unique visitors every month, and he even broke the Facebook record by creating the most shared post in the history of the site!

What he wanted, though, was more visibility. He wanted more people visiting his website. He wanted to spread his message further than before.

Search Engine Optimization

Graphic Design

Marketing Automation


Isaiah’s content is all over the internet now, thanks to an aggressive reputation marketing & content syndication program. And his brand is growing every day.

Professional Image

High quality graphic design, layout, and article optimization gave Isaiah’s blog a much more polished, professional image.

Explosive Results

Isaiah has seen a nearly 500% increase in traffic to his site, which has translated into a tremendous increase in business.


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