Ever since I started working with Cloud Surfing Media, I’ve been seeing more new patients than ever before. I see an average of four or five new patients a day now, even in months that are traditionally slowest for me.

Dr. Pat Nardini

ND & Owner of NardiniNaturopathicToronto.com

Client Profile

Dr. Pat Nardini, ND, is a naturopathic doctor in Toronto. He specializes in thyroid and endocrine health, as well as autoimmune conditions. He operates his own practice out of two separate locations in the Toronto area.

Business Situation

When Pat first approached us, he had no web presence at all. The only mention of him online was on an obscure listing site of naturopathic doctors. Still, he managed to get a few calls per year from it.

But he had bigger dreams than that. Inspired by Dr. Mercola, he wanted a web presence that would help showcase his expertise, spread the word about natural health, and help him grow his business.

Branding Identity

Website Design

Search Engine Optimzation

Facebook Advertising


Dr. Nardini is everywhere! No matter where you look online for a naturopathic doctor in Toronto, you’re sure to find Pat among the top results

Professional Brand

We built Pat’s online presence from the ground up, including his website, branding, social media, and more

Explosive Results

As a result of our efforts, Pat now gets more than a hundred inquiries a month, books clients weeks in advance, and has become one of the most sought after naturopaths in Toronto


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