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David King

Owner of

Client Profile

David King is an online personal trainer based out of Austin, Texas. His relentless encouragement and boundless energy has helped hundreds of people around the world reclaim their health.

Business Situation

A battletank of a personal trainer, David King was already successful when he first approached us. But he had hit a ceiling with his current business model and wanted more.

He had a dream of teaching his courses online to people all over the world who wanted to make a difference in their lives. And he needed a website to do that. But not just any website would do. David had a very specific vision of what he needed out of his website, and wouldn’t accept anything less.

Branding Identity

ECommerce Website Design

Graphic Design

Custom Development

A New Identity

Using cool, calming colours, we gave David a brand to inspire trust, safety, and confidence in his clients.

Words That Sell

Each of David’s programs appeals to a similar but distinct audience. We turned his enthusiasm into a clear message of value throughout his site.

A Killer Presence

From ecommerce to email marketing, mobile responsiveness to plugin balancing, and lots and lots of custom coding, David King’s site is complex and multifaceted, but it works like a charm! David now has the vehicle he needs to make his dreams a reality.


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