The other half of my team. It took me two years of searching for a company to help with SEO that I trusted. The work that they’ve done has been exceptional

Jon Goodman

Owner of

Client Profile

thePTDC, the Personal Trainer Development Center, is an online resource designed to help personal trainers develop not only their training skills, but their marketing and business acumen as well.

Business Situation

Jon Goodman, mastermind of thePTDC, already had a well-established online presence. In fact, he was already bringing in enough revenue from it to pay for his lifestyle while it ran on auto-pilot.

What he wanted, though, was more traffic. He realized that an SEO content marketing strategy could bring him the increased traffic he was looking for, but also realized how much time it would take. Time he could better spend elsewhere. He knew enough about SEO to know that he needed it, and that he didn’t want to do it himself. So he came to us.

Search Engine Optimization

Graphic Design

User Base

With the help of our strategies, thePTDC now enjoys hundreds of thousands of subscribers on their email list, Facebook page, and more

More Visitors

9 of thePTDC’s 10 most visited pages are ones directly promoted through our search engine optimization efforts

Brand Omnipresence

You can now find thePTDC across many of the web’s top platforms. No matter where you look, if you’re hoping to find resources for personal trainers, you’ll find thePTDC.


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